Best quality tag heuer mikrotimer 2000 concept watch replica online

tag heuer mikrogirder 2000 replica

In 2011, TAG Heuer launched the tag heuer mikrotimer 2000 concept watch replica, the world’s first 500hz mechanical chronograph. A revolutionary mechanical chronograph regulator without any balance wheel system and equipped with two escapements, the Mikrotimer’s beats 3.6 million times per hour, making it 125 times faster than a standard Swiss chronograph.

tag heuer mikrogirder 2000 replica

In order to succeed, TAG Heuer needs access to the most accurate timepieces for measurement — at least 10 times more precise than any chronograph currently sold to consumers. This is one of the key reasons why, in the 21st century, TAG Heuer’s R&D has been so single-mindedly focused on pushing further and higher the limits of high frequencies.

tag heuer mikrogirder 2000 replica

Its central tag heuer mikrogirder 2000 replica hand completes a full rotation 10 times per second. Now being successfully commercialized, the Mikrotimer was voted the 2011 Swiss Sports Watch of the Year at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix. The victory marked the 7th time in 10 years that TAG Heuer was singled out by the Geneva jury for its engineering and design prowess.

The advantages are numerous. In a classic spiral hairspring system, the effect of gravity due to mass is a dominant issue. With the MIKROGIRDER, the problem no longer even exists. There is no loss of amplitude and the movement’s frequency can be modulated on a very large spectrum of frequency without overburdening the power supply. The result is a significant increase in precision (division of time) and performance (frequency accuracy and stability). The MIKROGIRDER energy performance will enable TAG Heuer chronographs to attain ultra-high frequencies never before dreamed possible. Ten patents are pending on this breakthrough.

tag heuer mikrogirder 2000 replica

The regulation of a conventional mechanical watch is performed by a balance wheel and a spiral-shaped torsion hairspring, a system invented by Christiaan Huygens in 1675. Over the centuries, every aspect of this regulating system has been modified, improved, optimized and enhanced, yet as each new improvement remains based on Huygens’ original concept, it remains a compromise, never an ideal. The Huygens system, although very reliable and aesthetic, has its limits: accuracy, tag heuer mikrogirder replica to gravity and thermal expansion, and the virtual impossibility of ever reaching a frequency higher than 500 Hz.

The tag heuer replica watches dual frequency system ensures precision and chronometry through 2 independent chains. As there is no possibility of interference between “normal speed” and “high speed”, there is better precision and accuracy. The power reserve is improved, too, and wear and tear dramatically reduced, as “high speed” is “on demand” instead of being always engaged. Finally, the dual frequency system offers the ultimate in readability. The smallest fraction of time — 1/1,000th and 5/10,000th of a second — is displayed on a central hand that does a complete revolution around the dial a mind-boggling 20 times per second. And like the Mikrotimer Flying 1000, a special counter at 3 o’clock and a 5/10,000-of-a-second scale on the dial’s edge let you read this incredible measurement quickly and effortlessly.

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