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Replica Expensive SIHH 2018 – The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie continues to grow

Important new developments will be part of the 28th Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), taking place January 15th to 19th 2018. For the third consecutive year this major event will be ringing the changes, ready to welcome prestigious exhibitors. The central aisles are extended for the arrival of Hermès, while a bigger Carré des Horlogers makes room for DeWitt, Chronométrie Ferdinand...[Read More]

Low Price Replica SIHH 2018 – The winners on social media at the SIHH 2018

Whether you’re a watch lover or a watch brand, there was no escaping the ubiquity of social media at this year’s SIHH. Hashtags featured prominently in many brands’ promotional material and at the end of every press presentation, there was the usual scrum of journalists fighting to be the first to get the new watches on their wrist for the all-important wristshot. But who were the real winners in ...[Read More]

Replica Watches Free Shipping Jaeger-Lecoultre – Reverso Tribute Moon

The stainless steel Reverso Tribute Moon watch is inspired by the lines of the original 1931 model and presents a moon phase and date indication. It features the Duo concept, a single movement that drives two dials and thus, two time zones. It is sure to win over those who love complication watches. As you can see, the 3 brand new dial options are Electric Blue, Military Marble, and Tiger’s ...[Read More]

Eta Movement Replica Watches Jaeger-LeCoultre – Polaris seen by Bruno Van Enck

Polaris, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new elegant sport collection for men, is inspired by the iconic Memovox Polaris from 1968, which marks its 50th anniversary this year. This collection takes the spirit of the Memovox Polaris and applies it to today’s man with a full range of timepieces, from a three-hand automatic to a chronograph world time, with a Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Memovox piece displayin...[Read More]

Replica Watches Young Professional Jaeger-LeCoultre – Polaris Project by explorer Alex Strohl

The French adventure photographer Alex Strohl went to Northern Iceland, at the intersection of Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, accompanied with the new Polaris Memovox Limited Edition watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre. Considering that the total complexity of the hand-wound Caliber 853 triple calendar movement within and the obvious contemporary desire for larger instances, the dimensions g...[Read More]

Grade 1 Replica Watches Jaeger-LeCoultre – Reverso Tribute Duoface Limited Edition

Jaeger-LeCoultre continues its partnership with Casa Fagliano, the celebrated Argentinian bootmakers and unveils a Reverso Tribute Duoface Limited Edition of 100 pieces on a two-tone cordovan leather strap. The Reverso Tribute Duoface watch comes in an elegant and timeless pink gold case. Driven by the Duoface concept, it offers two contrasting dials – both equally refined and each displaying a di...[Read More]

Replica Watches Free Shipping Jaeger-LeCoultre – Venice International Film Festival

Jaeger-LeCoultre has been supporting, since twelve years, all those who daily contribute to create and bring life to the art of filmmaking, and attaching great importance to the preservation of its heritage. The annual Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) is, as the name would imply, a show predominantly composed of watchmakers producing watches that represent the upper echelons of wa...[Read More]

Replica Clearance SIHH 2018 – Unisex beauties

There’s been a quiet (r)evolution: many brands are no longer differentiating between men’s and women’s watches. So, what do they call them? Just – watches. These days, it seems to be practically a given that, under certain conditions, a watch is a unisex object. There, I’ve said it. As yet, virtually none of the brands have uttered the term “unisex”, but that’s what we’re talking about: the timepi...[Read More]

Replica Buyers Guide Chronograph watches – Categorising chronographs

The chronograph. It’s a linguistic convention to talk about this feature in the singular, but in fact the chronograph is plural in nature. There are around twenty different types, which all have specific displays, controls, functions and abilities. As we often find in the watchmaking world, a complication is in fact a little world of its own, with its own codes and conventions. A chronograph is de...[Read More]

Swiss Movement Replica Watches Newsletter – The Vendôme connection

The name “Vendôme” has almost magical associations in the world of jewellery and watchmaking. This majestic square at the heart of Paris has long been a source of inspiration for jewellers and watchmakers, whether they be French or Swiss. Today on WorldTempus, Olivier Müller considers how the Place Vendôme has found its way into different watches in a variety of ways. On 21st June, Jackie Kennedy’...[Read More]

Replica Clearance Dubai Watch Week –

For the third year running, Dubai Watch Week brings a welcome ray of sunshine to the watch industry in this month of November. The Seddiqi group’s vision remains unchanged: to make this non-commercial event a knowledge-sharing platform for the watch community. The event has grown considerably in just two years, and this autumn sees it take things up a level, with a specially built facility on the ...[Read More]

Replica Guide Trusted Dealers Jaeger-LeCoultre – An exclusive edition of Rendez-Vous watches

The general look is surely vintage-inspired, but similar to some of the new-vintage designs for the Reverso, these sector dial models stand by themselves along with the chronograph has a mass appeal that is difficult to contend with. The second timezone is selected using a city disc at six along with the crown at 10. In case you’ve ever used this complication you’ll know it is a sensib...[Read More]

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