Replica Zenith Elite 6150 White Dial Leather Strap Waches

Replica Zenith Elite 6150 White Dial Leather Strap Waches

Finding an elegant and affordable dress Zenith replica watches can be surprisingly difficult; which might be why it’s one of the questions we get asked the most. Sure, there are plenty of fantastic examples when your budget exceeds the $10,000 mark.

Replica-Zenith-Elite-6150-Watches-ReviewBut search below, and they are far and few in between. zenith elite 6150 replica and Montlanc have filled that gap recently, with the Slim d’Hermès and the Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum respectively. But neither of them has decades, or centuries of watchmaking behind them. And that’s where things get complicated.

One model stands out thoug; the Replica Zenith Elite 6150, so you can imagine our collective sight of relief then, when earlier this year, the brand unveiled its latest, and slimmest iteration. An ultra-thin, 42mm stainless steel dress Zenith replica watches featuring a stunning silver-toned dial, it ticks all of the boxes set above.

Enchanting details hiding underneath the dial’s minimalistic and vintage-inspired façade elevate the overall aesthetic of the Elite 6150. The feuille hands of the hours and minutes are rhodium-plated, as are the engraved hour markers.

Replica-Zenith-Elite-6150-Watch-Review-2015Even better, the watch features a new in-house movement from the famed Le Locle manufacture – the one that signed what is widely considered as the most celebrated mechanical movement: the El Primero.

Offering the perfect introduction into the magical world of horology, a transparent sapphire crystal gives the owner a perfect view of caliber Elite 6510, featuring a decorated oscillating weight with the classic “Côtes de Genève” motif.

And if the sight of a mechanical movement doesn’t turn you onto watches, nothing will. For the majority of enthusiasts and collectors, it certainly constitutes one of the earliest, and fondest memories into this unique lifestyle.

An impressive power reserve of 100 hours on the Elite 6150 means the watch is incredibly user-friendly. The replica zenith elite 6150 watch comes on an elegant, black alligator leather strap with protective rubber lining that adds a touch of finesse and comfort.

The Zenith Elite 6150 hits the stores this month, and is priced at $8300.

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