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Replica Clearance SIHH 2018 – Unisex beauties

There’s been a quiet (r)evolution: many brands are no longer differentiating between men’s and women’s watches. So, what do they call them? Just – watches. These days, it seems to be practically a given that, under certain conditions, a watch is a unisex object. There, I’ve said it. As yet, virtually none of the brands have uttered the term “unisex”, but that’s what we’re talking about: the timepi...[Read More]

Replica Buyers Guide Jaeger-LeCoultre – 25 years of Master Control

A quarter of a century ! Albeit modest on the scale of watchmaking history, this longevity nonetheless conveys authentic recognition among devotees of Fine Watchmaking, while representing an important proven guarantee of continuity for a collection that has shown itself capable of keeping step with the times – and particular with its enthusiasts. Introduced at the SIHH 2017, this year’s Master Con...[Read More]

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