Vacheron Constantin – Interview with Christian Selmoni, Style & Heritage Director Replica Wholesale Center

How did you first come to work at Vacheron Constantin?

I was born into a family of watchmakers in the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland. I joined the Vacheron Constantin Female Watches Replica 27 years ago after few years in finance. After several positions within the company in the sales and product development departments, I was appointed Artistic Director. This included the artistic crafts and bespoke watches, which I looked after until this year before being appointed Style and Heritage Director. The Heritage part is the big challenge for me because it is a different kind of job and I need to add value to the work of the existing team with my experience. This will take the form of research projects that will allow us to propose new ideas.

You are tasked with cultivating Vacheron Constantin’s extensive heritage but at the same time working on new developments. How do you reconcile the contradiction between tradition and modernity?

Part of the challenge of working with the brand’s heritage is how you can develop it. It can give us great inspiration for new products but we also need cutting-edge technology to produce some components and offer functions that would not be possible using more traditional methods. For the manual chronographs we presented in 2015, for example, we had some components with a shape that could not be produced by traditional methods, so we used electroforming. We can also achieve a greater precision for the hands by using the latest techniques for cutting gear wheels. Typically, these are positive benefits from new technologies.

Are there any red lines that you would not cross?

We are a classic brand working at the top of the range, so precious metals are our core business. There is not much likelihood of using new or different metals, mainly because this is not what our customers want. We used titanium in the Quai de l’Ile collection in 2008, for example, and it seemed logical at the time for its lightness. But we found that our customers were not necessarily looking for lightness in a Vacheron Constantin watch. 

The same is true for the movement. Even 10 years after silicon was first used in watch movements there is still a huge controversy over its reliability in the long term. At Vacheron Constantin we can repair any watch that the company has produced since 1755, reproducing components from scratch if required, which is why we prefer traditional metals and alloys. 

Since you have been heavily involved in the artistic side of things at Vacheron Constantin, are you pleased to see a brand like Hermès joining the SIHH?

The dial of the Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches Price In Pakistan Replica Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Collection Excellence Platine is quite clean and simmer for a full calendar, thanks to the symmetrical placement of the apertures for the month and day over the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock hour mark, in place of the more commonly used sub-dials. A blued hand for the pointer-style date farther helps legibility and reduces dial clutter, keeping the overall layout easy and elegant.The dauphine-style hands, Maltese cross logo and “bâtons de Genève” hour-markers (a fancy title for sticks) are notably made from platinum, but instead 18ct white gold. The main reason for this might be that the machines used to produce hands and indices are put up for gold rather than platinum — these tiny pieces could be incredibly difficult to craft out of platinum, possibly the most challenging metals to work with in the luxury watch market. However, at this price point it could happen to be a little, but neat touch of added focus, that could have worked well together with the Pt950 bloating on the dial.A railroad minute trail runs the periphery of the dial, with a well-proportioned minute hand reaching all the way to said trail along with the hour hand sitting comfortably just inside the hour markers. Too often manufacturers undermine legibility with hands which are just a tad too short or too long, a minor qualm more decorative than practical in character, but one we thankfully do not have to quibble about using the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Complete Calendar Collection Excellence Platine. The hands and hour markers are bi-faceted, which ought to provide a play of light and some visual interest on the otherwise sandblasted platinum dial.At prime position near 6 o’clock with this dial is your moon phase indicator, which uses a mechanism more exact than the typical ones, since it requires over 122 years to allow this to be off with a complete day. We all know that is an arbitrary way of determining the accuracy of a moon phase display, but accuracy certainly isn’t the actual reason for the popularity of this “poetic” screen.

Hermès produces some fantastic artistic crafts watches and I know my alter ego there very well [Editor’s note: Philippe Delhotal] and we talk to each other regularly. I think it will bring some stimulating competition. 



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